Clean Network

Invention of Tech Statecraft, and First-ever Defeat of China, Inc.

The Clean Network changed the future of global technology competition by executing an ingenious strategy to decisively defeat China’s masterplan for 5G. By integrating high tech business strategy with foreign policy tools and national security, the Clean Network established an enduring, repeatable model based on trust that can be used to ensure that new technologies are used to advance – not undermine — freedom around the world.

Leading U.S. Economic Diplomacy Across the Globe

Keith Krach is on a mission to develop and execute a proactive global strategy for economic diplomacy that is an extension of the American National Security Strategy Platform.

Economic Growth

The E works to help create jobs here at home, foster international economic opportunities and keep America safe. He also helps to ensure equal opportunities for American businesses operating in global markets. This position plays a vital role in keeping the economy healthy with job creation both internally, and through foreign investors – as well as bridging the gap between the public and private sectors.


The E focuses on highlighting the importance of energy security as national security. As the U.S leads in clean tech, this position continuously seeks innovative ways of maintaining that advantage and also helps develop and execute international energy policy.


The E works to protect the world we live in by conserving natural ecosystems that provide resources such as food, water, fuel, and medicine. Additionally, the position oversees innovation on a universal level, including global health policies as well as scientific research and discoveries in space.