About the Commission


The Commission Report

Three factors will make the Commission Report uniquely strategic for countering China’s authoritarian technological aspirations:

First, The Commission Report will analyze the security challenges posed by the PRC’s long-term strategy and will provide specific policy recommendations tailored to at least 12 and potentially 17 technology industry verticals. While other reports contain useful information and analysis of some specific technologies, their scopes never allowed for the in-depth treatment of each vertical as well as an integrated overarching strategy for countering tech authoritarianism.

Second, the scope of the Commission is global and will require more explicit analysis of, and recommendations for, private firms as well as key US allies and partners as part of democracies’ common efforts to compete in emerging technologies. Other US commissions have only focused on providing recommendations to Congress means that its policy recommendations are inherently limited to US legislative actions and do not include private sector actions or go into detail about the role of allies in Europe and Asia.

Third, past commission reports primarily have offered a series of recommendations for mostly defensive policies focused on slowing China’s unfair or illegal technological development efforts, the Commission Report will provide a set of recommendations that more explicitly balances between defensive policies and those policies meant to help the United States go on the offensive to maintain its competitive technological edge in partnership with like-minded allies and partners.